Would you like to know how Mike Porath was able to build a Mighty online community- the biggest health online community to date?

Being able to merge a cause that is dear to your heart with your passion, talents and career while being able to serve and give millions a voice is like winning the Mindful Entrepreneur’s lottery.

This prize, however is earned after taking high-risks, overcoming rejections and working your magic with those that have known your past efforts and results.

In this value-packed episode, Mike Porath will share in his down-to earth and caring approach his journey into successfully  launching and positioning The Mighty.

You need to listen to this episode if you want to learn:

·   How to seamlessly marry your passion with your professional experience and turn a family challenge into serving millions of people worldwide.

·   How to grow the biggest online health-community in the world.

·   The 6 ways to raise capital for your startup or project

·   How to lead or manage your teams so that they can take a pay cut and be happier working for you.

·   How nonprofits can highly benefit from partnering with content-based media companies. 

·   The importance of storytelling to have investors, co-founders & teams BUY into your idea, even before you have a company or any revenue.

·   … and so much more!

AHA Moments:

·   “The Mighty was not built on a business model; it was built on how we could help people going through a really tough situation.”

·   Mike’s 3 keys to success: get way better at asking for help, be a cockroach (yup- you read correctly) & do things you’re passionate about.

·   Dup15Q syndrome is a rare condition where a person has an extra set of chromosomes. There are currently 1,300 identified cases worldwide.  Some of the symptoms may include: autism spectrum disorders,epilepsy, being non-verbal & cognitive impairment.

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Mike Porath, is the founder and CEO of The Mighty (TheMighty.com), the world’s fastest-growing health community with more than 100 million views per month. He began his career as a journalist at ABC News, where he was the network’s first overseas digital reporter and where his reporting from Kosovo was awarded the top prize in online journalism. He has held a variety of writing, editing, producing and executive roles at ABC News, NBC News, The New York Times and AOL. Mike is also on the board of directors and fundraising chair of Dup15q Alliance, a nonprofit organization that supports people with Dup15q syndrome, including his daughter.

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