Want to take a trip around the world in 30 minutes?

Full of amazing stories, Sue has found a way to merge her passion for traveling with her purpose for serving others. Along the way she’s managed to gain a different perspective on cultures and people.

With a bit of creativity she has managed to find unique ways to pursue her traveling. There have been many lessons along the way, and many lives touched. All that has reinforced her approach about looking for fun, even in challenging situations.

You need to listen to this episode if you want to learn:

  • How traveling can help you adapt and understand new ways of doing things. 
  • What street smarts you should remember when traveling to remote places. 
  • How your intuition can help you connect with the right people anywhere. 
  • How an attitude of service can enhance everything you do. 
  • …And SO MUCH MORE!  

AHA Moments:

  • You can befriend almost anybody by placing your own beliefs on the shelf, step into their shoes, and just be with their beliefs, thoughts, trials, and passions.
  • Traveling gives you a different perspective on your own life and what you take for granted.
  • Find fun in every situation. The more challenging, the more fascinating. You get to find out more about yourself!

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Susan has a passion for having an impact through service. She has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for schools, water, and health programs overseas working with the International Committee of Rotary Clubs and Engineers Without Borders.

Her service activities also include helping set up temporary eye clinics in Haiti, Panama, Cameroon and Honduras.

Susan is a cofounder of the International Dragon Boat Federation and the national dragon boat governing body in the US. She took US teams to compete around the world as well – all while raising her 3 children. She owned an independent video production company, wrote for newspapers and magazines and ran two non-profit organizations.

The White House, United Nations, and the Governor of Iowa have recognized Susan for her commitment to international service, tourism and cultural exchange.

Now retired, she travels extensively for pleasure and international service activities.

Sue’s service organizations

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