In this dynamic episode, Shauna brings us pearls of wisdom from beginning to end, letting us know how image matters, especially in the world of business.

Who would’ve known image ran this deep? It isn’t just about looks, appearance, or first impressions! With over 10 years of experience as a modern entrepreneur and expert in this field. Shauna’s sure to bring a new awareness of image in business and life!

You need to listen to this episode if you want to learn:

  • How important is image for your business (and life).
  • Why it’s so important to be open to collaborations, even with your competitors.
  • The one thing you should be investing in the MOST if you’re selling yourself and your services.
  • Specific action steps to improve your networking skills.
  • How to create an offline referral machine. 
  • …And SO MUCH MORE!  

AHA Moments:

  • The importance of listening and following your intuition as the number one tool for business success.
  • How going against the current of typical business practices continues to yield positive results.
  • How image and the Law of Attraction relate (and how these can help you bring more abundance in your life).

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Shauna is the founder of the Studio for Image Professionals, the leading online educational portal for aspiring and growing image consultants.

As a professional speaker, small business expert and image consultant trainer, she’s been working with entrepreneurs and aspiring image consultants to launch successful businesses since 2007.

She’s the owner of the renowned one-stop shop for personal transformation, Best Kept Self, and has been recognized by Huffington Post as one of the top personal branding experts in the world.

She’s also been featured in FastCompany, ’ Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed’ Magazine, MSN and other media outlets. She’s a ‘40 under 40’ award winner and honored as one of Charleston’s Most Influential Women in Business.

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