If you spend all your time focusing and planning for the worst, do you think you can spot opportunity and be ready for growth?

In this inspiring episode, Bryan shares with us how, like many of us, he has faced challenges and struggled. While dealing with obesity, work stress, and the possibility of losing his wife to illness, he found a way to live a happier and more complete life. Using Do a Day, he wants to share with others what he learned, so you too can also change and live the life you want!

You need to listen to this episode if you want to learn:

  • Why it’s so important to identify your true motivation.
  • How to get rid of self-judgement by recognizing past mistakes.
  • Why focusing on tomorrow leads to unnecessary stress.
  • How to use each day to help you move your goals forward.
  • …And SO MUCH MORE!  

AHA Moments:

  • Taking time to care for others and understanding them, can help them unlock their motivation.
  • Being mindful can help you fully enjoy the wonderful, little everyday interactions with loved ones.
  • If you make a mistake, it’s ok. Understand why you made the choices you made, and adjust your plan.
  • Once you know your true why, find goals that will inspire you and fuel them with your motivation.

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Bryan Falchuk is a Certified Personal Trainer and Behavior Specialist. He’s a best-selling author and a contributor to Inc. Magazine. Bryan overcame adversity, lost nearly 100 pounds, ran a marathon, and faced many other challenges including potentially losing his wife to illness. Through his struggles, he learned the secret to not just overcoming any individual challenge, but creating a life of achievement, happiness and harmony.

That’s how he came to author, Do A Day, his best-selling book, and now is helping others do the same.

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