In our last episode, we spoke with the creator of the next technological revolution which is turning photonic computing into a reality.

In today’s episode, part 2 of this mind-blowing interview, we’ll delve into who and what inspired this light-based invention.

Be moved, as Carlos Ríos Ocampo shares how his parents, examples of discipline and tenacity, lit up and fueled his curiosity for physics and achievement.

Travel back in time to his home country, Colombia. See how the challenges of growing up in the outskirts of Medellín during the nineties affected his household and helped to forge a family of game-changers.

Discover what makes Carlos Ríos Ocampo an example of how to become the best in any given field and achieve whatever you want! 

You need to listen to this episode if you want to learn

  • Why photonic-computing is expected to precede quantum-computing and how they differ.
  • How passion helps create genius-level achievements.
  • Why discipline, curiosity and mentoring support are keys to forging champions and how you too can apply them to virtually any field in your life.
  • What was the stepping-stone for Carlos to go from a small town to world-renowned leading expert.
  • …And SO MUCH MORE!  

AHA Moments:

  • The impact of a mother teaching science to her young son, even when she only had a high-school diploma. 
  • How having a physical challenge can be transformed into helping you to become top in your field.
  • The importance of being surrounded by inspiring mentors.
  • The value of scholarships and how challenges only help to strengthen those who are determined to succeed.

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Carlos Ríos Ocampo is a Colombian-born physicist and highly respected researcher. His Phd at Oxford led him (and his team of international researchers) to the creation of the world’s first light-based memory chip able to store data indefinitely, potentially changing the fundamentals of computing as we know them.

At 29, he’s a leading expert in nanophotonics (the study of light) and is widely published in academic journals, including Nature Photonics – the world’s top scientific journal.

He has a B.Sc. in Physics from Universidad de Antioquia, a masters in Optics and Photonics from the K.I.T in Germany, and received his PhD in Materials in the UK from the University of Oxford.

Carlos prioritizes family, friends and connecting with nature and enjoys hikes, camping, punting and other sports, including karate. He’s represented both Colombia and England on national teams in karate tournaments.

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