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Meet The Hosts

We’re siblings and entrepreneurs on a mission!

We want to help you stay motivated as you go through this thing called business & life.  

We believe in combining two of the most powerful forces on the planet: awareness & business,

to collectively create positive change, elevate global consciousness and ENJOY THE RIDE! 

Tati: Mindful

Tatiana (Tati) believes awareness is the key to long-lasting success. Growing up, her love for Indiana Jones, travel & soul-work led her to discover her ‘treasures’ of choice: PEOPLE. Helping others increase their productivity, enhance their mindset & enjoy some seriously fun soul work is what she does best! Tatiana holds a Masters in Spiritual Science and completed a doctorate in the same field. She was featured among the top 25 young entrepreneurs at the Global Youth Entrepreneurship Sustainability Summit in ’11. She’s currently helping women lead more fulfilled lives…

Gerry: Entrepreneur

Gerardo (Gerry) believes in harnessing the power of business for the service of humanity. His trademark has been INNOVATING and transforming old, stagnant models into new, leading businesses with purpose.  His ability to help craft and implement the ideal VISION and see the bigger picture has taken him on some of his favorite adventures: leading teams around the world, helping entrepreneurs become more productive & fulfilled, and creating business growth. He has an engineering background coupled with degrees in Finance and International Relations. He’s currently helping brick & mortar businesses position themselves online so they too can lead, grow and enjoy greater freedom…

Meet the Podcast

Each week you’ll hear from innovative changemakers, thought-leaders & entrepreneurs on how to lead with SOUL.

Learn how founders & CEO’s of businesses ranging from start-ups to top companies worldwide have managed to stay on top of their game & create long-term SUCCESS.

Join us as we tap into inspiration and discover how to achieve life-changing RESULTS and enjoy true FULFILLMENT.

Walk away with how to implement these practical insights to your business & life and THRIVE on your terms!

Featured Episodes

Ground-Breaking Approach to Health with Dr. Jeff McCombs

Dr Jeff McCombs is an author, speaker, visionary and creative disruptor in the field of healthcare. He has worked with Olympic and Professional athletes, dancers, CEO’s, and people from all walks of life from around the world. He is the author of 3 books: His 1st...

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Showing UP In Life with Leti Coo

Leti is a TV Host for Telemundo and NBC Universal, the two biggest networks in the US for Latino viewers. She’s been the Host and presenter of several sports shows such as Ritmo Deportivo and Titulares Telemundo, interviewing top athletes around the world. She’s also...

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Building A Mighty Online Community with Mike Porath

Mike Porath, is the founder and CEO of The Mighty (, the world’s fastest-growing health community with more than 100 million views per month. He began his career as a journalist at ABC News, where he was the network's first overseas digital reporter and...

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