Would you like to know how to reach your goals and regain momentum?  Do you have a specific goal you set out for yourself in the beginning of the year, which you would still like to achieve? 

If so, this is a must-listen episode for you! We’ll share a key strategy to help you become fully committed to reaching your goal in a more effortless way.   

In this episode of the Mindful Monday segment you’ll learn:

  • Why a goal is just a symbol of what you truly want to achieve and how to use this motivation to your advantage.
  • The importance of delving deep into asking yourself what is it that you’re ultimately after and committing to it.
  • The one strategy to help you gain and keep your momentum as you go for what you want!
  • How you can apply that strategy to other areas of your life.
  • How science has proven the importance and power of having clear intentions.
  • And MORE!

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