Showing up in life is  one of the well-known keys to success and Leti Coo’s life is a testament to this!  

Being at the right place and the right time set her on the path to living a life full of adventure, travel and red carpets. 

But make no mistake!

It’s her unwavering commitment to showing up with an uplifting attitude, a zero-tolerance for being surrounded by negativity or inauthenticity and her inspiring generosity and humbleness, that sets her apart.

With her wit and humor and unapologetic ”joie de vivre” Leti shows us how we too can live a life of pure fulfillment, adventure and meaning! 

By listening to Leti, you too might be left saying:

 “When Mexico sends over its people, it’s sending some of the best!  Gracias México lindo!” 

In this episode you can learn:

  – A technique to deal with negative or difficult people.

  – Why a good life starts with taking care of ourselves.

  – Who are some of the kindest people Leti’s met or interviewed. (Some might surprise you).

  – How Telemundo is helping to raise awareness among the Latin@ community on how to lead a better lives.


AHA Moments:

The people that are the greatest are the most humble.

How when you give something, the real present is for the one who is giving. 

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Leti is a TV Host for Telemundo and NBC Universal, the two biggest networks in the US for Latino viewers.

She’s been the Host and presenter of several sports shows such as Ritmo Deportivo and Titulares Telemundo, interviewing top athletes around the world. She’s also a radio co-host of the show “Arriba con Paul”.  

She’s been chosen as a health & wellness Champion for Telemundo’s initiative called El Poder en tí (The Power Within)  to empower Latinos in the areas of education, health & finance. 

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