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Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of your possible future angel investor or VC?

Here’s a chance to delve into how super-achiever, investor and partner at the world’s largest early-stage venture firm in the world, 500Startups, is supporting the success of Startups.

Advising over 1600 companies and founders, his unique perspective on what it takes to succeed, what skills must be mastered and the “grit” it takes to survive, is priceless.

You need to listen to this episode if:

  • You’re a startup in the early stage investment round looking for clarity.
  • You want to know the key ingredients to being a great entrepreneur & leads to great resources..
  • You’re an investor and curious as to why 500Startups is willing to operate and invest in: Africa, Vietnam, Turkey, Southeast Asia and support entrepreneurship all over the world. 
  • As a woman or minority founder only see white males being funded, and are ready to be seen by a group of wildly purposeful investment leaders.  

AHA Moments:

  • The importance of having an incredibly CLEAR vision.
  • How hyper growth of only 2.5% of companies still yields huge returns for investors.
  • How work-life balance may not be achieved in the first years of a Startup and how to still make that a fulfilling and fun journey.

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Arjun is currently a Partner at 500Startups – the most active early stage venture firm in the world. He leads the Fundraising and Investor Relations efforts for the firm.  

He was a Co-Founder of Immediately, a mobile platform for modern sales professionals. Prior to Immediately, Arjun was the Chairman and Founder of ReTargeter which was acquired by Sellpoints in 2015, where he bootstrapped the company to be in the top 100 of Inc’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2013. He’s a recognized expert and has been interviewed on Bloomberg TV, quoted by the WSJ and been mentioned in Forbes.

He has been recognized at the White House, at the UN and at the Global Summit for Entrepreneurship for his success and commitment to a values centered organization.

Arjun was previously the head of business development for Yahoo Real Estate.  He advises various start-up companies in the Silicon Valley with strategic planning, monetization and funding. He’s also an angel investor to multiple companies.

Arjun graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship & Technology.

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