What would you do if you were able to start your day by working at the speed of light?

In today’s episode, we’ll be speaking with the young man who might enable you to do just that!

His invention will be responsible for revolutionizing all of your daily activities: from running a computer-based business to making your usual purchases, your world, as you know it, is soon to change.

Carlos Ríos Ocampo and his team at Oxford University have created the fastest light-based memory chip in existence, capable of storing information indefinitely, offering new possibilities to anything that is being done with computers.

As if that weren’t amazing enough, he achieved this by the young age of 28! Listen as he explains what he and his colleagues have created and how it will soon transform our days!

With a very active social life and world-class talent for sports, this leading Colombian-born physicist breaks all stereotypes and is sure to leave you inspired and ready to embrace what’s to come.

If you thought you might not live to experience the light-speed of data-downloads from movies like The Fifth Element, you might need to think again because the future is here AND THIS EPISODE IS YOUR TICKET IN!

You need to listen to this episode if you want to learn:

  • What is the light-based memory chip and how it differs from what we use today.
  • How having this technology will represent a fundamental change within the next five years in computing.
  • Why entrepreneurs and those willing to adapt and reinvent themselves will succeed.
  • The 4 main benefits of this revolutionary technology.
  • …And SO MUCH MORE!  

AHA Moments:

  • The binary system with which computers work today using 0’s and 1’s has now been proven to extend up to 32 levels.
  • Artificial Intelligence is exceeding the human capacity to make decisions.
  • The usage of new materials in computing has created a bridge into the future. 

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Carlos Ríos Ocampo is a Colombian-born physicist and highly respected researcher. His Phd at Oxford led him (and his team of international researchers) to the creation of the world’s first light-based memory chip able to store data indefinitely, potentially changing the fundamentals of computing as we know them.

At 29, he’s a leading expert in nanophotonics (the study of light) and is widely published in academic journals, including Nature Photonics – the world’s top scientific journal.

He has a B.Sc. in Physics from Universidad de Antioquia, a masters in Optics and Photonics from the K.I.T in Germany, and received his PhD in Materials in the UK from the University of Oxford.

Carlos prioritizes family, friends and connecting with nature and enjoys hikes, camping, punting and other sports, including karate. He’s represented both Colombia and England on national teams in karate tournaments.

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